Third USDA Symposium on

Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Sequestration in Agriculture and Forestry


March 21-24, 2005

Baltimore, Maryland



Technical Sessions: Oral Presentations


Allen, L. H. (USDA-ARS & Agronomy Dept., University of Florida, P.O. Box 110965, Gainesville, FL 32611-0965; Phone: 352-392-8194; Fax: 352-392-6139; Email:

Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Accumulation of Rhizoma Perennial Peanut and Bahiagrass Grown Under Elevated CO2 and Temperature

L.H. Allen*, S.L. Albrecht, K.J. Boote, J.M.G. Thomas, K. Skirvin, S.D. Nelson

Abstract  /  Presentation



Amichev, Beyhan (Virginia Tech , 228, Cheatham Hall (0324), Dept. of Forestry, Blacksburg, VA 24061; Phone: 540-231-6958; Email:

Forest Soil Carbon Spatial Variation and Precision Accounting on Mined Land

B.Y. Amichev*, J.A. Burger

Abstract  /  Presentation



Amonette, James E (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, PO Box 999, K8-96, Richland, WA 99354; Phone: 509-376-5565; Fax: 509-376-3650; Email:

Enhancing Soil Humification: Insights from a Model System

J.E. Amonette*, J.B. Kim, C.T. Garten, C.C. Trettin, R.S. Arvidson, A. Luttge

Abstract  /  Presentation



Antinori, Camille (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Environmental Energy Technologies Div., LBNL, One Cyclotron Road, 90-R4000, Berkeley, CA 94720; Phone: 510-495-2277; Fax: 510-486-6996; Email:

Transaction Costs of Project-Based Carbon Reduction: Evidence from the Forestry Sector

C. Antinori, J. Sathaye, K. Andrasko*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Atwood, Jay (USDA-NRCS-RIAD, 808 East Blackland Road, Temple, TX 76502; Phone: 254-770-6632; Fax: 254-770-6561; Email:

Effect of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) on Soil Carbon

J.D. Atwood*, S.R. Potter, J.R. Williams, M.L. Norfleet

Abstract  /  Presentation



Bair, Lucas (USDA-Forest Service, Forest Science Laboratory, 3200 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis, OR 97331; Phone: 541-750-7422; Email:

Projecting Private Forest Investment and Forest Carbon with the Forest and Agricultural Sector Optimization Model – Green House Gas

L.S. Bair*, R.J. Alig

Abstract  /  Presentation



Baisden, W. Troy (Landcare Research, New Zealand Ltd, Private Bag 11052, Massey Univ Campus, Palmerston,  North5300, New Zealand, Phone: +64 6-356 7145; Fax: +64 6-355-9230; Email:

Making Carbon-Trading Mechanisms Accessible to Indigenous Groups: Lessons From Working with Maori in New Zealand

G. Harmsworth, W.T. Baisden*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Baisden, W. Troy (Landcare Research, New Zealand Ltd, Private Bag 11052, Massey Univ Campus, Palmerston North, 5300, New Zealand; Phone: +64 6-356 7145; Fax: +64 6-355-9230; Email:

Significant Bomb C-14 Responses in Soils Below 30 cm Depth:  A Previously Unrecognized Decadal C Pool?

W.T. Baisden*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Bangsund, Dean (North Dakota State University, P.O. Box 5636, Fargo, ND 58105; Phone: 701-231-7471; Fax: 701-231-7400; Email:

Carbon Sequestration in Spring Wheat Producing Regions of the Northern Great Plains

D.A. Bangsund*, F.L. Leistritz

Abstract  /  Presentation



Bernacchi, Carl (Illinois State Water Survey, 2204 Griffith Drive, Champaign, IL 61820; Phone: 217-333-8048; Fax: 217-244-0220; Email:

Carbon Budget of Mature No-till Ecosystem in North Central Region of the United States

C. J. Bernacchi*, S.G. Hollinger, T. Meyers

Abstract  /  Presentation



Birdsey, Richard (USDA-Forest Service, 11 Campus Blvd, Suite 200, Newtown Square, PA 19073; Phone: 610-557-4091; Email:

Carbon Accounting Rules and Guidelines for the United States Forest Sector

R. Birdsey*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Bolstad, P. V. (University of Minnesota, Dept. of Forest Resources, 115 Green Hall, St. Paul, MN 55108; Phone: 612 624-9711; Fax: 612 625-5212; Email:

Simulating Carbon Dynamics in Forests - What May We Learn From Agriculturalists?

P.V. Bolstad*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Brenner, John (USDA-NRCS, U.S. Bancorp Tower, 111 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 1200, Portland, OR 97204; Phone: 503-273-2409; Fax: 503-273-2401; Email: 

Estimating Soil C Changes for the US 1605B Program ‘Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation’

John Brenner*, K. Paustian, M. Easter, K. Killian, J. Schuler, S. Williams

Abstract  /  Presentation



Brown, Sandra (Winrock International, 621 N Kent St., Suite 1200, Arlington, VA 22209; Phone: 703-525-9430 x 678; Email:

Estimating the Potential Carbon Supply from Changes in Land Use: Afforestation of Grazing Lands in the USA as a Case Study

S.Brown*, A.Dushku, J.Kadyszewski

Abstract  /  Presentation



Capalbo, Susan (Montana State University, Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Economics, Bozeman, MT 59717-2920; Phone: 406-994-5619; Fax: 406-994-4838; Email:

Estimating the Economic Potential for Agricultural Soil Carbon Sequestration in the Central U.S. Using an Aggregate Econometric-Process Simulation Model

J. Antle, S. Capalbo*, K. Paustian

Abstract  /  Presentation



Chang, Chi (Alberta Lethbridge Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Lethbridge, AB, T1J 4B1, Canada; Phone: 403 317-2220; Fax: 403 317-2187; Email:

Soil Organic Carbon Accumulation with Feedlot Cattle Manure Application

C. Chang*, X. Hao, G. Clayton

Abstract  /  Presentation



Chen, Hua (School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849, Phone: 334-844-1057; Fax: 334-844-1084; Email:

Effects of Cropland Abandonment and Forest Regrowth on Terrestrial Carbon Storage in Southeastern US

H. Chen*, H. Tian, C. Zhang, M. Liu, S. Pan

Abstract  /  Presentation



Cherney, Jerry (Cornell University, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences, 503 Bradfield Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853; Phone: 607-255-0945; Fax: 607-255-2644; Email:

Grass Bioenergy in the Northeastern USA

J.H. Cherney*, P.B. Woodbury, S.D. DeGloria

Abstract  /  Presentation



Choi, Suk-won (The Ohio State University, AED Economics, 2120 Fyffe Rd., Columbus, OH 43210; Phone: 614-292-9424; Email:

Economic Analysis of Soil Carbon Sequestration: Dynamic Model on Corn and Soybean in the Midwest US

S.Choi*, B.Sohngen

Abstract  /  Presentation



Christy, Colin (Veris Technologies, 601 N. Broadway, Salina, KS 67401; Phone: 785-825-1978; Fax: 785-825-6983; Email:

In-Situ NIR Spectroscopy to Measure Carbon and Other Soil Attributes

C.D. Christy*, D.A. Laird, K.A. Sudduth

Abstract  /  Presentation



Clark, Kenneth (USDA-Forest Service, P.O. Box 232, New Lisbon, NJ 08064; Phone: 609-894-0325; Email:

Carbon Dynamics of Fire Management in the New Jersey Pinelands

K.L. Clark*, J. Hom, N. Skowronski, T. Wyckoff, Y. Pan, M. Patterson, J. Dighton, D. Gray

Abstract  /  Presentation



Conant, Richard (Colorado State University, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1499; Phone: 970-491-1919; Fax: 970-491-1965; Email:

Costs and Benefits of Reducing Uncertainty in Accounting for Soil C Credits

R.T. Conant*, S. Mooney, K. Gerow

Abstract  /  Presentation



Conant, Richard (Colorado State University, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1499; Phone: 970-491-1919; Fax: 970-491-1965; Email:

Disturbance and Recovery of Soil C Following Infrequent Activities

R.T. Conant*, A. Swan, K. Paustian

Abstract  /  Presentation



Das, Keshav C. (University of Georgia, Dept. of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Athens, GA 30602, Phone: 706-542-8842; Fax: 706-542-8806; Email:
Long-term Sequestration of Carbon in Soils using Charcoal from Renewable Energy Production

D. Day, J. Lehmann, C. Steiner, Keshav C. Das*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Del Grosso, Stephen (USDA-ARS, Natural Resources Research Center, 2150 Centre Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80526-8119; Phone: 970-492-7281; Fax: 970-492-7213; Email:

DAYCENT National Scale Simulations of N2O Emissions from Cropped Soils in the USA

S.J. Del Grosso*, W.J. Parton, A.R. Mosier, M.K. Walsh, D.S. Ojima, P.E. Thornton

Abstract  /  Presentation



Dell, Curtis (USDA-ARS, PSWMRU, Building 3702, Curtin Road, University Park, PA 16802; Phone: 814-863-0984; Fax: 814-863-0935; Email:

Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Soils Rreceiving Combinations of Dairy Manure and Mineral Nitrogen Fertilizers

C.J. Dell*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Diamant, Adam (Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), 1805 Arlington Blvd., El Cerrito, CA 94530; Phone: 510-260-9105; Email:

Estimating and Comparing the Levelized Cost ($/ton CO2e) of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Associated with Four Different Approaches to Developing and Managing Forest Carbon Sequestration Projects

A. Diamant*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Dobermann, Achim (University of Nebraska, Dept. of Agronomy and Horticulture, Lincoln, NE 68583-0915; Phone: 402-472-1501; Email:

Changes in Soil- and Litter-C Stocks with Progressive Farming Practices in Irrigated and Rainfed Maize-Based Agroecosystems.

A. Dobermann*, J.M.H. Knops, K.G. Cassman, D.T. Walters

Abstract  /  Presentation



Esuola, Adeyemi (University of Guelph, 38-252 Stone Road West, Guelph, ON, N1G 2V7, Canada; Phone: 519- 824 4120 ext 53625; Fax: 519-767-1510; Email:

Economic Analysis of Efficient Risk Allocation in Contracts to Sequester Carbon in Agriculture and Forestry

A. Esuola*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Fabrizzi, Karina (Kansas State University, 2004 Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center, Manhattan, KS 66502; Phone: 785-532-7106; Email:

Effect of Different Management Practices on Soil Carbon Sequestration in Kansas

K.P. Fabrizzi*, C.W. Rice, A. Schlegel, D. Sweeney, D. Peterson, C. Thompson

Abstract  /  Presentation



Fiedler, Jeff (NRDC, 1200 New York Avenue NW #400, Washington, DC 20005; Phone: 202-289-2419; Fax: 202-789-0589; Email:

Growing Energy:  How Biofuels Can Help End America's Energy Dependence

J. Fiedler*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Fiedler, Jeff (NRDC, 1200 New York Avenue NW  #400, Washington, DC 20005; Phone: 202-289-2419; Fax: 202-789-0589; Email:

The Agriculture Sector in a Carbon-Constrained World

J. Fiedler*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Galang, Jeff (Virginia Tech, 427 Smyth Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24060; Phone: 540-641-2212; Email:

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Assess Virginia’s Best Options for Sequestering Carbon through Improved Land-Use Management

J.S. Galang*, C.E. Zipper, S.P. Prisley, J.M. Galbraith, R.H. Wynne

Abstract  /  Presentation



Gassman, Philip (Iowa State University, 560E Heady Hall, Ames, IA 50011-1070; Phone: 515-294-6313; Fax: 515-294-6336; Email:

Climate Change Projection Impact on Soil Carbon and Other Environmental Indicators for the Upper Mississippi River Basin

P.W. Gassman*, C.J. Anderson, G.S. Takle, M.K. Jha, R.M. Cruse

Abstract  /  Presentation



Gershenson, Alexander (University of California-Santa Cruz, UCSC Environmental Studies, 1156 High St., Santa Cruz, CA 95064; Phone: 831-252-3514; Email:

Soil Moisture and Temperature Constraints on Fine Root Dynamics, Plant Growth, and Photosynthetic Activity in a Mediterranean Forest in the Sierra Nevada, CA

A. Gershenson*, L. Misson, J. Tang, A. Goldstein, W. Cheng

Abstract  /  Presentation



Giardina, Christian (USDA-Forest Service, North Central Research Station, Houghton, MI 49931; Phone: 906-482-6303 Ex 20; Fax: 906-482-6355; Email:

Belowground Carbon Allocation in Forests in Response to Global Change

C.P. Giardina*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Gollany, Hero (USDA-ARS, 48037 Tubbs Ranch Roads, Adams, OR 97810; Phone: 541-278-4410; Fax: 541-278-4372; Email:

Incorporated Source Carbon and Nitrogen Fertilizer Influence on Sequestered Carbon and Soluble Silica in a Pacific Northwest Mollisol

H.T. Gollany*, R.R. Allmaras, S.L. Albrecht, S.M. Copeland, C.L. Douglas, Jr.

Abstract  /  Presentation



Grandy, A. Stuart (Michigan State University, W.K. Kellogg Biological Station, 3700 E. Gull Lake Drive, Hickory Corners, MI 49060; Phone: 269-671-2336; Email:

Physical and Microbial Controls over Trace Gas Fluxes Following Initial Cultivation

A.S. Grandy*, T.D. Loecke, G.P. Robertson

Abstract  /  Presentation



Hatfield, Jerry (USDA-ARS, National Soil Tilth Laboratory, 2150 Pammel Drive, Ames, IA 50011; Phone: 515-294-5723; Fax: 515-294-8125; Email:

Spatial Variation of Carbon Dioxide and Energy Balance Fluxes Among Corn and Soybean Fields in Central Iowa

J.L. Hatfield*, J.H. Prueger, W.P. Kustas

Abstract  /  Presentation



Heath, Linda (USDA-Forest Service, PO Box 640, Durham, NH 03824; Phone: 603-868-7612; Fax: 603-868-7604;

Annualized Forest Carbon Estimates for U.S. National Greenhouse Gas Reporting

L.S. Heath*, J.E. Smith

Abstract  /  Presentation



Heaton, Emily (University of Illinois, 1201 W. Gregory Drive, 379 Madigan Lab., Urbana, IL 61801; Phone: 217 244-6317; Email:

Miscanthus: Climate Change Mitigation Potential of a High Yielding Energy Crop in Illinois

E.A. Heaton*, T.B. Voigt, S.P. Long

Abstract  /  Presentation



Hom, John L. (USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station, 11 Campus Blvd., Ste 200, Newtown Square, PA 19087; Phone: 610-557-4097; Fax: 610-557-4095; Email:

Studies on Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Carbon Flux in a Forested Region in Suburban Baltimore

J. Hom *, M. Patterson, S. Grimmond, B. Crawford, Q. Holifield, I. Yesilonis, D. Golub, B. Offerle , D. Nowak, G. Heisler, R. Pouyat, W. Zipperer

Abstract  /  Presentation



Huggins, David (USDA-ARS, 215 Johnson Hall, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164; Phone: 509-335-3379; Fax: 509-335-3842; Email:

Tillage and Corn-Soybean Sequence Effects on Carbon Dynamics Estimated from Natural C-13 Abundance

D.R. Huggins*, R.R. Allmaras, C.E. Clapp, J.A. Lamb

Abstract  /  Presentation



Huggins, David (USDA-ARS, 215 Johnson Hall, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164; Phone: 509-335-3379; Fax: 509-335-3842; Email:

Field-scale Variation in Nitrogen Use Efficiency and the Agronomic

D.R. Huggins*, R.E. Rossi, A.R. Kemanian, W.L. Pan

Abstract  /  Presentation



Ideris, Alan J. (Atmospheric Science Dept., University of California-Davis, One Shields Ave., Davis, CA 95616; Phone: 530-752-1868; Fax: 530-752-1793; Email:

Pressure Pumping Effects on Soil Efflux Measurements of CO2

A.J. Ideris*, K. T. Paw U, J. Kochendorfer, L. Xu

Abstract  /  Presentation



Islam, K. Rafik. (The Ohio State University, 1864 Shyville Road, Piketon, OH, 45661; Phone: 740-289-2071; Fax: 740-289-4591; Email:

Biological, Chemical and Physical Sequestration of Soil Carbon in Response to Tillage

K.R. Islam*, A. Sundermeier

Abstract  /  Presentation



Izaurralde, R. Cesar (Joint Global Change Research Institute, 8400 Baltimore Ave., Suite 201, College Park, MD 20740; Phone: 301-314-6751; Fax: 301-314 –6760;


Modeling Long-Term Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics as Affected by Management and Water Erosion

R.C. Izaurralde*, W.M. Post, J.R. Williams, P. Puget, A.M. Thomson, W.B. McGill, R.Lal, L.B.Owens

Abstract  /  Presentation



Jenkins, Jennifer (University of Vermont, 590 Main Street, Burlington, VT 05405; Phone: 802-656-2953; Email:

A Comprehensive Database of Diameter-Based Biomass Regressions for North American Tree Species

J.C. Jenkins, D.C. Chojnacky, L.S. Heath, R.A. Birdsey

Abstract  /  Presentation



Johansson, Maj-Britt (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU),Uppsala, SE 750 07, Sweden; Phone: +46(0)18-672232; Fax: +46(0)18-673470; Email:

Impact of Tree Species on Carbon in Swedish Forest Soils

M.B. Johansson*, A. Nilsson

Abstract  /  Presentation



Johnson, Jon D.  (Washington State University - Puyallup Research & Extension Center, 7612 Pioneer Way E., Puyallup, WA 98371; Phone: 253-445-4522; Fax: 253-445-4569; Email:

Carbon Sequestration by Hybrid Poplars in the Pacific Northwest

J.D. Johnson*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Kadam, Kiran (PureVision Technology, Inc., 511 McKinley Ave., Fort Lupton, CO 80621; Phone: 303-857-4530; Fax: 303-857-0323; Email:

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Opportunities via Processing Agricultural Residues in Rural Biorefineries

K.L. Kadam*, E.R. Lehrburger, C.H. Lehrburger

Abstract  /  Presentation



Kaye, Jason (Penn State University, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences, 116, ASI Building, University Park, PA 16802; Phone: 814-863-1614; Fax: 814-863-7043;


Carbon Sequestration Following Stand Replacing Fires in Spanish Woodlands

J. Kaye*, J. Romanya, R. Vallejo

Abstract  /  Presentation



Kemanian, Armen R. (Washington State University, Biological Systems Engineering Dept., Smith Hall, Pullman, WA 99164-6120; Phone: 509-335-3661; Fax: 509-335-2722; Email:

Assessing the Usefulness of Simple Mathematical Models to Describe the Soil Carbon Dynamics

A.R. Kemanian*, V.S. Manoranjan, D.R. Huggins, S.O. Stockle

Abstract  /  Presentation



Kemanian, Armen R. (Washington State University, Biological Systems Engineering Dept., Smith Hall, Pullman, WA 99164-6120; Phone: 509-335-3661; Fax: 509-335-2722; Email:

Modeling Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agricultural Systems

C.O. Stockle, A.R. Kemanian*, D.R. Huggins, H.P. Collins

Abstract  /  Presentation



Kempka, Richard G. (Ducks Unlimited, Inc., National Headquarters, One Waterfowl Way, Memphis, TN 38120-2351; Phone: 901-758-3795; Fax: 901-758-3850; Email:

Wetlands Restoration and the Emerging Carbon Market

R.G. Kempka*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Kinsman, John (Edison Electric Institute, 701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004, Phone: 202-508-5711; Fax: 202-508-5150; Email:

Overview of Electric Power Industry UtiliTree Carbon Company and PowerTree Carbon Company Programs

J. Kinsman*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Kong, Angela (University of California-Davis, Department of Plant Sciences, PES Bldg., One Shields Ave., Davis, CA 95616; Phone: 530-754-7537; Fax: 530-752-436; Email:

Carbon Input, Aggregate Stability, and Carbon Stabilization in Mediterranean Cropping Systems

A.Y. Kong*, J. Six, R.F. Denison, C. Van Kessel

Abstract  /  Presentation



Kunda, Maithilee (MIT, 320 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307; Phone: 617-225-8550; Email:

The Impact of Albedo Change on Carbon Sequestration Strategies

M. Kunda*, G. Marland, B. Schlamadinger, L. Canella

Abstract  /  Presentation



Kurkalova, Lyubov (Iowa State University, 560A Heady Hall, Ames, IA 50011-1070; Phone: 515-294-7695; Fax: 515-294-6336; Email:

Carbon Sequestration in the Upper Mississippi River Basin: Implications for Geographical Distribution of Economic Benefits

H. Feng, L.A. Kurkalova*, C.L. Kling, P.W. Gassman

Abstract  /  Presentation



Laird, David (USDA-ARS, NSTL, 2150 Pammel Drive, Ames, IA 50011; Phone: 515-294-1581; Fax: 515-294-8125; Email:

Impact of Nitrogen Fertilization and Crop Rotations on Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration and Soil Quality

D.E. Russell, D.A. Laird*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Lehmann, Johannes (Cornell University, 909 Bradfield Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853, Phone: 607-254-1236; Fax: 607-254-1236; Email:

Black Carbon Sequestration in Soil – A New Frontier

J. Lehmann*, J. Gaunt, M. Rondon

Abstract  /  Presentation



Li, Changsheng (University of New Hampshire, Complex Systems Research Center, Durham, NH 03824; Phone: 603-862-1771; Fax: 603-862-0188; Email:

Assessing Alternatives for Mitigating Net Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Increasing Yields from Rice Production in China Over the Next 20 Years

C. Li*, W. Salas, B. DeAngelo, S. Rose

Abstract  /  Presentation



Lilleskov, Erik (USDA-FS-NCRS, Forestry Sciences Laboratory, 410 MacInnes Dr., Houghton, MI 49931; Phone: 906-482-6303 ext 18; Fax: 906-482-6355; Email:

The “Carbon Cascade” into Forest Soils: BioticControl Points, With a Focus on Mycorrhizal Fungi

E.A. Lilleskov*, E.A. Hobbie, A.L. Friend

Abstract  /  Presentation



Lippke, Bruce (University of Washington, 2600 Fairview Ave. E. #7, Seattle, WA 98102; Phone: 206-543-8684; Fax: 206-685-0790; Email:

Forest Management Impacts on Carbon - Some Counter Intuitive Findings

B.R. Lippke*, J. Comnick

Abstract  /  Presentation



Litynski. John (U.S. DOE, National Energy Technology Laboratory, PO Box 88, Morgantown, WV 26505, Phone: 304-285-1339; Fax: 304-285-4638; Email:

DOE’s Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships Initiative: Developing Infrastructure and Validating Carbon Sequestration Technologies

J. Litynski*, S. Klara

Abstract  /  Presentation



Liu, Shuguang (SAIC, USGS National Center for EROS, Sioux Falls, SD 57198; Phone: 605-594-6168; Email:

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of the Contemporary Carbon Sources and Sinks in the Ridge and Valley Ecoregion of the United States

S. Liu*, T.R. Loveland

Abstract  /  Presentation



Lokupitiya, Erandathie (Colorado State University, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Fort Collins, CO 80523; Phone: 970-491-1604; Fax: 970-491-1965; Email:

Inventorying Agricultural Soil Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Methods Used by Annex 1 Countries

E. Lokupitiya*, K. Paustian

Abstract  /  Presentation



Lynne, Gary (University of Nebraska, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Lincoln, NE 68583-0922; Phone: 402-472-8281; Email:

Toward Resolution of the Conflicting Joint Interest in Carbon Sequestration

C. Kruse, J. Sautter, G. Lynne*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Magrini, Kim (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 1617 Cole Blvd., Golden, CO 80401; Phone: 303-384-7706; Fax: 303-384-6363; Email:

Rapid Identification and Quantification of Soil Organic Carbon Forms Using Pyrolysis Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry

K.A. Magrini*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Majdi, Hooshang (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, P. O. Box 7072, Uppsala, SE-75007, SWEDEN; Phone: 004618672428; Fax: 004618673430; Email:

Carbon Pools and Dynamics in Mineral Soil Horizons of Boreal Forests Along a Climatic Gradient in Sweden

H. Majdi*, D. Berggren, M. Olsson, G. Agren

Abstract  /  Presentation



Martens, Dean (USDA-ARS, Southwest Watershed Research Center, 2000 E. Allen, Tucson, AZ 85719; Phone: 520 670-6380 x156; Fax: 520 670-5550; Email:

Moisture Controls on Trace Gas Fluxes in Semiarid Soils

D. Martens*, J.E.T. McLain

Abstract  /  Presentation



McCarl, Bruce (Texas A&M University, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, College Station, TX 77843; Phone: 979-845-1706; Email:

Permanence Discounting for Land-Based Carbon Sequestration

M. Kim*, B.C. McCarl, B.C. Murray

Abstract  /  Presentation



Miner, Reid (NCASI, PO Box 13318, Durham, NC 27709; Phone: 919-941-6407; Fax: 919-941-6401; Email:

The 100-Year Method for Corporate Accounting of Carbon Stored in Products-In-Use

R. Miner*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Murray, Brian C.  (RTI International, Hobbs 131, 3040 Cornwallis Road, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2194; Phone: 919-541-6468; Fax: 919-541-6683; Email:

Estimating Leakage from Forest and Agricultural Carbon Sequestration Projects

B.C. Murray*, B.A. McCarl, B.L. Sohngen,

Abstract  /  Presentation



Nakagawa, Hitoshi (Natl. Inst. Agrobio. Sci. (NIAS), Japan, 2425 Kami-Murata, Hitachi-Ohmiya, Ibaraki, 319-2293, Japan; Phone: +81-295-52-4620; Fax: +81-295-53-1075; Email:

Biomethanol Production and CO2 Emission Reduction from Forage Grasses, Trees and Residues of Crops

H. Nakagawa*, T. Harada, T. Ichinose, K. Takeno, M. Kobayashi, M. Sakai

Abstract  /  Presentation



Novak, Jeff (USDA-ARS-CPRC, 2611 West Lucas Street, Florence, SC 29501; Phone: 843-669-5203; Fax: 843-669-6970;  Email:

Utilization of Conservation Tillage Practices to Rebuild Organic Carbon Levels in a Sandy, Coastal Plain Soil

J.M. Novak*, P.J. Bauer, P.G. Hunt

Abstract  /  Presentation



Pan, Yude (USDA Forest Service, Northern Global Change Program, 11 Campus Blvd, Newtown Square PA 19073; Phone: 610 557 4205; Fax: 610 557 4095; Email:

Forest Carbon Dynamics Under Changing Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Y. Pan*, R. Birdsey, J. Hom, K. McCullough

Abstract  /  Presentation



Park, E.J. (Michigan State University, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences, East Lansing, MI 48824; Phone: 517-355-0271, ext. 247; Fax: 517-355-0270; Email:

Spatial Distribution of Lignin Biopolymers and Aggregate Stability of Forest and Tilled Soil Types

E.J. Park*, K. Dria, D. Gamblin, T.R. Filley, A.J.M. Smucker

Abstract  /  Presentation



Pendell, Dustin (Kansas State University, 332C Waters Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-4011; Phone: 785-532-4438; Email:

An Economic Feasibility Analysis of Manure Applications and No-Tillage for Soil Carbon Sequestration in Corn Production

D.L. Pendell*, J.R. Williams, C.W. Rice, R.G. Nelson, S.B. Boyles

Abstract  /  Presentation



Peterson, Thomas D. (Penn State University, Center for Integrated Regional Assessment, 3421 Andover Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030; Phone: 703-691-2199; Fax: 703-691-2199; Email:

Development of Maine Forestry Climate Change Mitigation Options and Results of Full Life Cycle Benefit and Cost Analysis

T.D. Peterson*, J.D. Kartez, J.E. Smith

Abstract  /  Presentation



Petsonk, Annie (Environmental Defense, 1875 Connecticut Ave # 600 NW, Washington, DC 20009, Phone: 202-387-3500; Fax: 202-234-6049; Email:

Compensated Reduction: An Innovative Framework to Provide Incentives for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Tropical Deforestation

A. Petsonk*, S. Schwartzman

Abstract  /  Presentation



Ping, Chien-Lu (University of Alaska-Fairbanks, Palmer Research Center, Palmer, AK 99645; Phone: 907-746-9462; Fax: 907-746-2677; Email:

Fire, Erosion, and Soil Carbon Fluxes in the Boreal Forest Region of Alaska

C.L. Ping*, E.C. Packee, G.J. Michaelson, Y.L. Shur, J.M. Kimble

Abstract  /  Presentation



Pouyat, Richard (USDA-Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station, c/o Baltimore Ecosystem Study, 5200 Westland Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21227; Phone: 410-455-8014; Fax: 410-455-8025; Email:

Effects of Urban Land-Use Change on Soil Carbon Pools and Fluxes

R. Pouyat*, I.D. Yesilonis, P.M. Groffman, J. Russell-Anelli

Abstract  /  Presentation



Prueger, John (USDA-ARS, National Soil Tilth Laboratory, 2150 Pammel Drive, Ames, IA 50011; Phone: 515-294-7694; Fax: 515-294-8125; Email:

Comparison of Tower and Aircraft Eddy Covariance Measurement of CO2 and H2O Fluxes Over Corn and Soybean Fields in Central Iowa

J.H. Prueger*, J.L. Hatfield, W.P. Kustas

Abstract  /  Presentation



Revanuru, Sucharitha (ICRISAT, Patancheru, AP, India, Bldg 212/First Floor, Systems Modeling, ICRISAT, Near Hyderabad, AP, 502324, India; Phone: 91 4030713438; Fax: 914030713075; Email:

Simulation of the Effects of Manure Quality, Soil Type, and Climate on N and P Supply to Sorghum and Pigeon pea in Semi-Arid Tropical India

S. Dimes, S. Revanuru*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Riedacker, Arthur C. (INRA, 63 Bd, de Brandebourg, 94205, Ivry Cedex, France; Phone: 33 672 39 76 46; Fax: 33 1 46 70 41 13; Email:

Short-term and Long-term Approaches to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from “Land Use, Land Use Change, Bioproducts & Transport” Systems

A.C. Riedacker*, J.A. Racapé

Abstract  /  Presentation



Rolston, Dennis (University of California-Davis, Land, Air and Water Resources, Davis, CA 95616; Phone: 530-752-211; Fax: 3530-752-1552; Email:

Evaluating Changes in Landscape-scale Soil Organic C Due to Tillage

D.E. Rolston*, C. Van Kessel, J.W. Hopmans, J. Six, K.T. Paw U, R. Plant, A.P. King

Abstract  /  Presentation



Rondon, Marco (Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical, A.A. 6713, CIAT, Cali, Colombia; Phone: 57-2-4450000; Fax: 57-2-4450073; Email:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Decrease with Charcoal Additions to Tropical Soils

M.A. Rondon*, J.A. Ramirez, J. Lehmann

Abstract  /  Presentation



Ruhweza, Alice (NEMA-UGANDA, National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Kampala, Uganda; Phone: +25631271634; Fax: +25631271635; Email:

Mainstreaming Payments/Incentives for Ecosystem Services in Regional and National Planning/Policy Dimensions

A. Ruhweza*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Sands, Ronald D (Joint Global Change Research Institute, University of Maryland, 8400 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 201, College Park, MD 20740; Phone: 301-314-6765; Fax: 301-314-6719; Email:

Competitiveness of Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Offsets: Are They a Bridge to the Future?

R.D. Sands*, B.A. McCarl

Abstract  /  Presentation



Schlamadinger, Bernhard  (Joanneum Research, Institute of Energy Research, Elisabethstrasse 5, A-8010 Graz, Austria; Phone:  +43 316 876 1340; Fax: +43 316 876 1320; Fax PC: +43 316 8769 1340; E-mail:

CarboInvent - Multi-source Inventory Methods for Quantifying Carbon Stocks and Stock Changes in European Forests

B. Schlamadinger*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Scott, Neal (Woods Hole Research Center, PO Box 296, Woods Hole, MA 02540; Phone:  508 548 9375 ext 145; Fax: 508 540 9900; Email:

Factors Controlling Carbon Sequestration at Howland Forest, Maine: Long-term Trends, Interannual Variability, and Forest Management Impacts

N.A. Scott*, D.Y. Hollinger, E.A. Davidson, D.B. Dail, H. Hughes, J.B. Lee, C.A. Rodrigues

Abstract  /  Presentation



Secchi, Silvia (Iowa State University, Dept. of Economics - CARD, 260 Heady Hall, Ames, IA 50011; Phone: 515-294-6173; Email:

Measuring Carbon Co-Benefits of Agricultural Conservation Policies: In-stream vs. Edge-of-Field Assessments of Water Quality

P.W. Gassman, H.F. Hennessy, M. Jha, C.L. Kling, L. Kurkalova, S. Secchi*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Sheffner, Edwin (NASA, Mail Stop 5L79, NASA Headquarters, 300 E Street SW, Washington, D.C. 20546; Phone: 202-358-0239; Email:

Collaboration Between NASA and USDA for Carbon Management.

E. Sheffner*, R.A. Birdsey, C.S. Potter

Abstract  /  Presentation



Skinner, Howard (USDA-ARS, Pasture Systems & Watershed Management, University Park, PA 16802; Phone: 814-863-8758; Fax: 814-863-0935; Email:

Management Effects on Carbon Dioxide Exchange over Northeastern Pastures

H. Skinner*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Smith, James (USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station, PO Box 640, Durham, NH 03824; Phone: 603-868-7663; Email:

Forest Carbon Growth and Yield Tables and Uncertainty for U.S. Forest Types

J.E. Smith*, L.S. Heath

Abstract  /  Presentation



Sohi, Saran (Agriculture and the Environment Division, West Common, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 2JQ, United Kingdom; Phone: +44 (0)1582 763133 ext.2665; Fax: +44 (0)1582 760981; Email:

Accounting for Black C in the Modeling of Soil Organic Matter Turnover

S. Sohi *, J. Gaunt, H. Yates, J. Lehmann

Abstract  /  Presentation



Sommer, Allan (RTI International, 3040 Cornwallis Rd, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709; Phone: 919-316-3993; Fax: 919-541-6683; Email:

Alternative Approaches to Quantifying and Reporting Carbon Sequestration Projects: The Case of Afforestation

A.J. Sommer*, B.C. Murray

Abstract  /  Presentation



Sonne Hall, Edie (University of Washington, College of Forest Resource, Seattle, WA 98195; Phone: 206-329-3569; Email:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Pacific Northwest Douglas-fir Forestry Operations

E. Sonne Hall*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Sperow, Mark (West Virginia University, Division of Resource Management, P.O. Box 6108, Morgantown, WV 26506-6108; Phone: 304-293-4832 ext. 4475; Fax: 304-293-3752; Email:

Assessing the Effectiveness of Mine Land Reclamation to Off-Set GHG Emissions

M. Sperow*, C. Bouquot

Abstract  /  Presentation



Subak, Susan (ISSE, NCARISSE, NCAR, P.O. Box 3000, Boulder, CO 80307; Phone: 1-303-497-8117 ; Fax: 1-303-497-8125 ; Email :

A Comprehensive Environmental and Economic Assessment Method Applied to the Southwest Michigan Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Cropping Experiment

S. Subak*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Tan, Ivy (Cornell University, 151 Dryden Road #228, Ithaca, NY 14850; Phone: 607-351-3917; Email:

Nitrous Oxide Losses Are Increased Under No-Tillage and Early Fertilization

I.Y.S. Tan*, H.M. Van Es, J.M. Duxbury, J.J. Melkonian, L.D. Geohring, R.R. Schindelbeck, D. Hively

Abstract  /  Presentation



Thomson, Allison (Joint Global Change Research Institute, 8400 Baltimore Ave., Ste 201, College Park, MD 20740; Phone: 301-314-6750; Email:

Simulating Historical Soil Carbon Dynamics in Semi-Arid Rangelands

A.M. Thomson*, R.C. Izaurralde, M.P. McClaran, S.P. McLaughlin, N.J. Rosenberg

Abstract  /  Presentation



Tian, Hanqin (Auburn University, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn, AL 36849; Phone: 334-844-1059; Fax: 334-844-1084; Email:

Carbon Sequestration in Southeast US: Ecosystem Responses to Multiple Stresses

H. Tian*, H. Chen, C. Zhang, M. Liu, S. Pan, J.M. Melillo, D.W. Kicklighter, B. Felzer

Abstract  /  Presentation



Townsend, David (Premium Standard Farms, Inc., 805 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO 64105; Phone: 816-843-1471; Email:

Aggregating and Trading Anaerobic Digester Carbon Credits

D. Townsend, M. Gabris*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Updegraff, Karen (South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Institute of Atmospheric Sciences, Rapid City, SD 57701; Phone: 605-394-1989; Fax: 605-395-6061; Email:

Potential for Soil Carbon Sink Enhancement in Three Northern Great Plains States

K. Updegraff*, P. Zimmerman, D. Kliche, W.J. Capehart, M. Price

Abstract  /  Presentation



Verma, Shashi. B. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, School of Natural Resources, Chase Hall, Lincoln, NE 68583-0728; Phone: 402- 472-6702; Fax: 402- 472-6614; Email:

Annual CO2 Exchange in Irrigated and Rainfed Maize-Based Agro ecosystems

S.B.Verma *, A.E. Suyker, G.G. Burba, T.J. Arkebauer, D.T. Walters, A. Dobermann, K.G. Cassman, B. Amos, H. Yang, K.G. Hubbard, A.A. Gitelson, E.A. Walter-Shea, D. Ginting

Abstract  /  Presentation



Walsh, Margaret (ICF Consulting, 1725 I St. NW Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20006; Phone: 202-862-1580; Fax: 202-862-1144; Email:

Agricultural Soil N2O Emissions in the US Greenhouse Gas Inventory: A Comparison of Methodologies

M.K. Walsh*, S.J. Del Grosso, T. Wirth

Abstract  /  Presentation



Walters, Daniel (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dept. of Agronomy and Horticulture, 261 Plant Sciences, Lincoln, NE 68583-0915; Phone: 68583-0915; 402-472-1506; Email:

Full C-Cost Accounting and Global Warming Potential of Irrigated and Rainfed Maize-Based Cropping Systems that Produce Renewable Energy from Grain

D.T. Walters*, D. Ginting, K.G. Cassman, H. Yang, S.B. Verma, A. Dobermann, M. Schroeder

Abstract  /  Presentation



Werts, Scott (Johns Hopkins University, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 113 Olin Hall, 2400 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218; Phone: 410-516-7521; Fax: 410-516-7933; Email:

Determining Amounts of Carbon Loss and Change in Carbon Isotope Values from Soils Due to Biomass Burning

S.P.Werts*, A.H. Jahren

Abstract  /  Presentation



White, Paul (Kansas State University, 2004A Throckmorton Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506; Phone: 785-532-7106; Email:

Carbon and Microbial Community Dynamics After Addition of 13C-Labelled Grain Sorghum Residue

P.M. White*, C.W. Rice

Abstract  /  Presentation



Whiteley, Geoff (University of Leeds, School of Biology, Miall Building, Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK; Phone: +44 (0)1133432886; Fax: +44 (0)1133432835; Email:

Iron Stabilization of Crop Residues as a Novell Land Management Practise for Sequestering Carbon in the Agricultural Sector

G.M. Whiteley*

Abstract  /  Presentation



Wightman, Jeni (Cornell University, 905a Bradfield, Ithaca, NY 14850; Phone: 607-255-4230; Fax: 607-255-3207; Email:
On-Farm Opportunities to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in New York State

J. Wightman*, T. Wise, S. Vergara, A. Buttel, J. Gaunt, J. Duxbury

Abstract  /  Presentation



Woodbury, Peter B. (Cornell University, Crop and Soil Sciences Dept., Ithaca, NY 4853; Phone: 607- 255-1448; Email:

Evaluating Strategies for Biomass Fuel Production in New York State

P.B. Woodbury*, J.H. Cherney, J. Wightman, J.M. Duxbury, W.J. Cox, C.L. Mohler, S.D. DeGloria

Abstract  /  Presentation



Woodbury, Peter B. (Cornell University, Crop and Soil Sciences Dept., Ithaca, NY 4853; Phone: (607) 255-1448; Email:

Effects of Land Use Change on Forest Carbon Budgets Throughout the Southern USA from 1900 to 2050

P.B. Woodbury*, L.S. Heath, J.E. Smith

Abstract  /  Presentation



Wylie, Bruce (SAIC, USGS National Center, EROS, Sioux Falls, SD 57198; Phone: 605-594-6078; Fax: 605-594-6529; Email:

Rangeland Carbon Fluxes in the Northern Great Plains

B.K. Wylie*, T.G. Gilmanov, A.B. Frank, J.A. Morgan, M.R. Haferkamp, T.P. Meyers, E.A. Fosnight, L. Zhang

Abstract  /  Presentation



Yan, Xiaoyuan (Frontier Research Center for Global Change, Japan, Frontier Research Center for Global Change, ShaowaYokohama, 236-0001, Japan; Phone: 81-45-778-5725; Fax: 81-45-778-5496; Email:

Factors Affecting Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Croplands in Asia and Potential Mitigation Options

X. Yan*, H. Akiyama, K. Yagi

Abstract  /  Presentation



Yoo, Gayoung (University of Illinois, Dept of Natural Resources, Urbana, IL 61801; Phone: 217-333-4912; Email:

Soil Structure and C Sequestration Under No-Tillage Management

G. Yoo*, M.M. Wander

Abstract  /  Presentation