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USDA: United States Department of Agriculture


The United States and other countries are considering options to respond to global warming. In support of these decisions, basic information about the sources and sinks of greenhouse gases in terrestrial systems, ecosystem management, and the associated variability needs to be synthesized to optimize accounting and verification of greenhouse gases. This conference, the third conference organized by USDA, will build on the previous two by showcasing advances in knowledge and applications.

Therefore, the purposes of this conference are to:

  1. provide a forum for scientists to present the most recent breakthroughs in science and technology developments relevant to storing carbon and addressing greenhouse gases in managed terrestrial ecosystems; and
  2. transfer information about new scientific findings, new technologies, and program information to scientists, program managers, policy makers, and the private sector; and
  3. enhance collaboration and partnerships within USDA and with other federal, state, and private organizations.

This symposium series will further USDA's participation in the national Climate Change Science Program and the Climate Change Technology Program.

U.S. Climate Change Science Program

The U.S. Climate Change Science Program integrates federal research on climate and global change, as sponsored by 13 federal agencies and overseen by the Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Council on Environmental Quality, the National Economic Council, and the Office of Management and Budget. www.climatescience.gov

U.S. Climate Change Technology Program

The U.S. Climate Change Technology Program is a multiagency research and development coordination activity, organized under the auspices of the Cabinet-level Committee on Climate Change Science and Technology Integration. The Climate Change Technology Program is under the direction of the Department of Energy. www.climatetechnology.gov


The Consortium for Agricultural Soils Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases (CASMGS) was organized to provide the information and technology necessary to develop, analyze, and implement agricultural soil greenhouse gas mitigation strategies. CASMGS is supported by a grant from USDACSREES. The Consortium consists of scientists from Colorado State University, Iowa State University, Kansas State University, Michigan State University, Montana State University, Ohio State University, Purdue University, Texas A&M University System, University of Nebraska, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. In addition, scientists from USDA-ARS and NRCS are collaborating.

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